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Naren Raj

Naren Raj

12 Years of Experience in Investing and Trading Forex, Stocks and Precious Metals.

A Indian origin, and Forex Digital Nomad and professional web designer and a freelance Forex Market Analyst for a company based in Dubai, I’m a passionate traveler, and Moto Enthusiast Explored 26 province in India and neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand on the bike

Naveen Iqbal Forex Digital Nomad

Naveen Iqbal

Trading in Stock and Forex since 2008

I purchased my first penny stock at the age of 18 and experienced the happiness of success after the 1st quarter. It was merely 18% but this event created interest in me to know more about financial markets and gradually it became my most interesting hobby and turned to passion.

Successful people follow passion not pay check and that’s my favorite quote, I started my very first carrier as a financial advisor for a reputed firm in India, Gradually progressed to became a Forex Market analyst, and Fund Manager.


I am one of the riders who went with Naren Raj to Cambodia and returned back to base. I am writing this not because of this reason but because of the rich experience gained on this ride.
Naren is a fantastic organizer and he ensured our ride/stay and sightseeing requirements are properly handled and gave us the “tourist” feeling. I didn’t face a single bad incident in the entire trip with stay, food, or legal formalities in these countries. READ FULL TESTIMONIAL HERE

Sundar Chakkararajan – India to Cambodia Road Trip 2019

I joined with Naren, he has a good skill about Road Trips planning and motorcycle. he was amazing. And this tour is so exciting. I made an unforgettable exciting member. Thank you Naren Raj

Noaki Hikosaka – RTW biker from Japan

Learn anywhere enrich the passion of becoming a successful digital nomad

– Biker Monk

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The Best Forex Broker in India 2021

The Best Forex Broker in India 2021 Looking for a quick answer for the best forex broker in India? Here it is,  Nomads Fx, is the best forex broker in India. Forex trading in India. With 24 percent of financial literacy among 1.3 Billion population, India is currently in the lowest financial literacy rank compared…

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Chernobyl- Miniseries I am following certain travel handles on social media and saw some posts in which the host visited Pryp’yat (a town which was created near Chernobyl and to accommodate people/family which serviced the nuclear power plant) and showed the remains of the ghost town and the current state. I have always liked history…

India to Myanmar Road Trip and Step by Step Documentation Process

Dear Rider,   Make sure you read the complete blog, I have written in detailly about my experience, odds i faced in procuring the permit and visa, Documents to submit, Do’s and Don’ts, so that you can save a lot of time, BTW the new regulation and rules to enter Myanmar is not much in…

First flat Tire on Our Road Trip to Thailand

It’s very essential to know some basic maintenance of bike when you are on a long road trip, and it’s not always possible to stick on to day to day Itinerary

I Am Back Home An Epic Road from India-Myanmar-Thailand and Cambodia Road Trip Ended

Day 39 : 29th October 2019 Happy Bhai beej or bhai dooj to all. Sorry for the delayed post and slept for more than 10 hours finally. Received lots of messages to go and try variousFood items. Even though the mind was ready for trying the said food, body wasn’t ready and asked for more…

Share some and enjoy the beauty. India to Cambodia Road Trip Day-38

Day 38: 28th October 2019 Happy new year to all. Got many messages from friends enquiring about the entry point I would be using to enter Mumbai after seeing my day 37 posts You all know me very well and I prefer a peaceful entry into the city and to my home. We all can…

Everything here revolves around Bhagwan Ram. India to Cambodia Road Trip Day-36

Day 36 : 26th October 2019 Happy Kali Chaudas and Choti Diwali to all. My day end destination would have lots of relevance to Diwali and a very important place in India and Indian history. Guess it and will disclose it later. To start with, my Siliguri hotel booking process was confusing, and don’t understand…